Industry Idle is coming to Apple Homepod, Amazon Echo and Google Home

PRESS RELEASE April 1, 2021

Helsinki, Finland — Industry Idle today announced it will support smart voice assistants, including Apple Homepod, Amazon Echo and Google Home. This update will be free for all players.

Players will be able use voice control to build factories, manage production lines and trade resources. Some examples of supported voice commands are:

  • "Alexa, build a semiconductor factory next to the iron mine"
  • "Hi Siri, shut down all steel mills"
  • "Ok Google, start auto selling jet engines"
  • The game will support all devices, from low end to high end. To enable this, the game will be running on the cloud (extra charges from your internet provider might apply). If no voice commands have been received for more than 5 minutes, the game will enter "offline mode" and offline earning will apply.

    Interested players can now watch a walk-through video about this feature, which includes a detailed 16-step instruction to set up on all supported devices.

    Homepod® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Google Home® is a registered trademark of Google LLC. Alexa® is a registered trademark of Inc

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